Red Neck (Champ):


14.2h 5 year old Sorrel Gelding.  This guy is something pretty special. He was first trained for show, then fully trained for the trail. He has tons of ridding in the Mark Twain National forest and in Arkansas and has over 200 miles of ridding in the hills and hollers of both states. Very people loving and willing to please. He enjoys a trail ride as much as the rider. He is up in the top 2 % of the Fox Trotting breed and can do it all. He neck reins, backs, loads, clips , stands good to mount ( for us old folks), crosses streams, down timber and anything else you put in front of him. He is outstanding in every respect. Last year he won the World Championship in the Senior Citizenship class at Ava, the rider has to be at least 62 to qualify to enter. He is also push button in his gaits and will move into them for you at a touch on his neck. He has no bad habits or faults, and would be perfect for the person looking for a smaller horse,  outstanding ride and maybe even more important, a good safe ride.  He is not cheap but he would make the perfect horse for anyone looking for a life time horse with as much safety as you can get in a horse, and the best possible ride. He is also a sweetie and will follow you around if you dismount and walk around. I rate him a 2 (with 1 being the best) in disposition. He is also  as classy in looks when he travels as any Fox Trotter that you will ever see


Ramblin Traveler:





5 year old15.2h Chestnut Gelding. Fully trail trained with many miles of experience in the Mark Twain National forest. He is up there with the very best and suitable for an advanced novice. Has been ridden by an 82 year old guy. He is very solid on the trail and not at all spooky. Loves people and very easy to catch (without grain) in any size pasture. He can do it all. Neck reins, backs, loads, side passes (a little), stands perfect to mount, traffic safe, crosses water and will go any where you ask him. He will leave a group or let the group leave him and will take any position in the group. No bad habits of faults. He would make the ideal horse for anyone needing or desiring a big horse. He is built to carry a good size person.






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