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7 year old 15.2h stocky built Palomino gelding.
He is up there with the very best. Tons of trail time. Has been ridden in the Mark twain Nation Forest many times as well as the country side here is Missouri. He is rock solid on the trail and would be a great horse for anyone wanting or needing a big stout horse. He can do it all. He is set in his gaits, neck reins, backs, loads, clips, stands perfect to mount, very smooth in his gaits, can move out or plain old walk with the non gaited horses. His disposition is between a 1 and 2 and he is very easy to catch. I rate him in the top 5 % of the Foxtrotting breed.  

Son of a Traveling Man (Sonny)

Sonny is a 5 year old 14.2h Chestnut that is a standout in the Fox Trotting breed. I will say up front that if there were such a thing as a perfect horse, it would be him. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being to best, he will scale a 9 or 10 in every category that you would use as a measurement. He is super sweet, loves people and shows it at every opportunity in both his interaction with people and in his ride. You can just sense his love for what he is doing. His abilities are up there with the best in both his gaits, his neck reining, back, side pass, his willingness, his reliability and standing to mount. He can do it all and do it in a “down to business” style. If you are older and need a horse that will give you as much safety as possible but still give you a “dream” ride, this is your guy. He has been ridden by a 69 year old lady (my wife’s niece) and an 82 year old guy. I haven’t put a kid on him yet, but only because I don’t have any 8-year old’s around but as soon as I get a visit from my 9 year old granddaughter, she is be added to the video.
Rather than continue to brag, which is what it’s beginning to sound like, check out his video and you will see why I think he is something very special! I would rate him up there in the top 1% of the Fox Trotting breed. If your criteria is “the best of the best”, check him out. He is expensive but then the best always is. 

Please Make reference to which horse you are inquiring about when you E-mail. Not all of our horses are posted on the internet. Call for an updated listing. Also if you are looking for a particular kind of horse just let us know and we will do our best to find that perfect horse for you. Thank You.