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Banner stands 15.3h with a stocky build. He is a 6 year old gelding and I rate him a 1 in disposition and a top all around horse for anyone looking for the best. He is a top trail horse and gives all the things my old quarter horse use to give me. He neck reins, backs, loads without hesitation, clips, stands perfect to mount, goes anywhere you point him, crosses water, down timber, traffic safe, dogs, cattle and deer jumping up in front of him does not concern him and he can deal with all kinds of farm equipment. He can be ridden double and I call him an 8 to 80 horse. I have had my 10 year old granddaughter ride him and he has been ridden many times by an 85 year old guy.(me).He has great willingness but will also poke along with the none gaited crowd if you ask him. He is not the least bit spooky and is perfect for anyone that needs as much safety as he/she can get and still have a great ride. He is set in his gaits with a very smooth flat walk and he will also canter if you ask him. I rate him in the top 2-3% of the breed.

Please Make reference to which horse you are inquiring about when you E-mail. Not all of our horses are posted on the internet. Call for an updated listing. Also if you are looking for a particular kind of horse just let us know and we will do our best to find that perfect horse for you. Thank You.